Ray Biederman

Ray co-founded Proteus in 2015. He maintains an active litigation practice as founding partner at Mattingly Burke Cohen & Biederman, and he co-founded DiscoveryMaster, a software platform for transparency in the eDiscovery process. He can be reached at ray.biederman@proteusdiscovery.com.

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eDiscovery Essentials Series: Identification

Jun 22, 2020 10:33:51 AM / by Ray Biederman


So, your organization is engaged in, or reasonably anticipates:

  • Litigation defense
  • Regulatory investigation (especially if you're held to GDPR or CCPA)
  • Audit
  • Or other legal dispute

Now what?

State and federal statutes, court rules, and government regulations each promulgate, frame, and define an organization’s obligations to identify relevant electronically stored information (“ESI”) when such conflicts arise. Identification is arguably among the most important responsibilities an...