Embracing eDiscovery for Mid-Sized Law Firms

Feb 22, 2024 1:21:09 PM / by Ryan Short

In January we published a tongue in cheek bingo card before Legalweek that poked fun of many of the words and phrases used by eDiscovery software and services providers, like “voluminous data” and “explosion of data.”

It was a silly thing, but it resonated because the terms were all so ubiquitous.

Even though I’m a bit of a contrarian and prefer to sound and speak differently than most vendors, they’re right – there is an explosion of data involved with many litigations and investigations.

Does this mean small and mid-sized law firms should just cede ground to AmLaw firms that have armies of associates and litigation support departments?

I don't think so.

eDiscovery can be complicated and frustrating, but Clearwell and Summation are ancient history, and RelativityOne is a vastly streamlined experience compared to Relativity’s traditional server product. RelativityOne is scalable, uses carefully curated AI, and allows case teams to automate and customize workflows – all while keeping your client’s sensitive data secure.

Relativity has tools for every single phase of discovery. You can collect ESI directly from the source, conduct ECA to minimize downstream hosting and review spend, use Case Dynamics to surface key insights, and leverage predictive coding features to ensure defensibility and affordability.

All this streamlines the eDiscovery lifecycle, shortens speed to insights, and keeps your efforts and your spend trained on the substance and strategy – not on discovery.


Finding the right vendor matters

Proteus is an eDiscovery services and consulting provider and RelativityOne Silver partner. We are founded and owned by four practicing litigators, so we understand your perspective because we have walked many miles in your shoes. To learn more, reach out to us.


To dive deeper into eDiscovery for the mid-sized law firm, download our eBook, "Mid-Sized Law Firms: 3 Reasons to Embrace eDiscovery (and How to Get Started)". 

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Ryan Short

Written by Ryan Short

Ryan joined Proteus in 2020. He is an MBA and a Certified eDiscovery Specialist with over a decade of experience in publicly traded, PE-backed, and bootstrapped entities focused on technology-enabled services. Ryan lives in Indianapolis with his wife and their 5 children under the age of 9. Consequently, his wife won't let him buy a dog.