Legalweek Bingo

Jan 25, 2024 3:06:08 PM / by Ryan Short

By its very nature, eDiscovery is serious work.  

The outcome of litigation, investigations, and government actions carry massive financial and emotional consequences for adverse parties and counsel.

Our work product provides the building blocks of substance and strategy, and the required cost, time, and technical nature of the process is often a source of stress.

I believe it's imperative that eDiscovery providers take our work seriously, but not ourselves seriously.

That's why I host a podcast called eDiscovery After Hours, where the guest and I share a drink and talk about life.

That's why I make sure to have dinner with my wife and kids every night, even when that means pulling out the laptop later and burning the midnight oil.

And that's why we decided to put together this silly bingo card (grab yours here!) to make people chuckle as every vendor "differentiates" themselves by using the same adjectives and demoing the same technology.

Travel safe, and enjoy Legalweek 2024!

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Ryan Short

Written by Ryan Short

Ryan joined Proteus in 2020. He is an MBA and a Certified eDiscovery Specialist with over a decade of experience in publicly traded, PE-backed, and bootstrapped entities focused on technology-enabled services. Ryan lives in Indianapolis with his wife and their 5 children under the age of 9. Consequently, his wife won't let him buy a dog.