Sarah Barth

Director, Managed Review; Sarah draws on a decade of legal experience to help her clients navigate large-scale discovery matters. She brings her affinity for detail-oriented work to each stage of the process, leveraging her background as first pass reviewer, quality control reviewer, compliance counsel, project attorney, and project manager to ensure her clients' needs are translated and implemented throughout the project lifecycle.

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Predictive Coding for Savvy Legal Teams

Mar 21, 2024 10:12:49 AM / by Sarah Barth


Litigators and eDiscovery practitioners often face a common document review challenge when preparing for litigation – too many documents (and too little time to get through them). Linear review, that is, reviewing every document individually, is the most appropriate option in certain situations, but can often be complemented by predictive coding. This is a defensible way to create massive time and cost savings, preserving budget for merits counsel, not for eDiscovery and document review partners