Adam Arnold

Adam was introduced to eDiscovery during his legal informatics certificate studies when he took a course taught by Proteus co-founder and CEO Ray Biederman. Afterward, he joined Proteus as a data management intern, then accepted an offer as a Data Analyst upon graduation. He is responsible for collection, tracking, and processing physical evidence, and for defensibility documentation in our matter management software. Outside the office, Adam plays golf, tinkers with computers, and spends time with his wife (Lisa), dog (Reba) and cat (Mia).
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There’s More Than One Way to Lay a Foundation: Retrieving Short Message Data

Feb 8, 2024 9:04:00 AM / by Adam Arnold


More than 23 billion text messages were sent from cell phones daily in 2023. Consequently, the collection of messages will likely be a topic of conversation during a litigation or investigation. After balancing the issues of the case, the ability to obtain information from other sources, the potential relevance of cell phone data, and the time consuming and costly nature of cell phone collection, collection may be needed. Proper data collection and handling of messages is difficult, especially...